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Frequently Asked Questions

The Juice House

I don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, what is a good alternative?
If you consume juice or smoothies, you are guaranteed to get your daily servings in. Some juices can contain up to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables! First time juicer? We have options for everyone.

Can I get my fruits and vegetables in one serving of juice?
Juicing helps to rapidly absorb large doses of nutrients in small quantities without the hassle of eating a lot of food. Imagine eating three platefuls of fruits or vegetables in one sitting, that would be very filling and is not very realistic to do daily!

What are some of the benefits of juicing?
Juicing is a good way to restore depleted nutrients, giving the consumer energy. Juicing gives the Digestive System a break and allows toxins to be released in the process, by helping to purify organs such as the liver, which helps the body to detox. It also allows for inflammation in the body to subside, while providing vital nutrients to organs that help support balanced bodily functions.  Juicing also helps to naturally rehydrate the body and keep PH levels in the body balanced. Research has shown that a very acidic body causes ailments and in the long run illnesses. When eating a processed, refined diet, this often tends to inhibit absorption of vital nutrients. Juicing can aid in the replenishment of vital nutrients, without being lost in the process of digestion.

Is it high in sugar?
pressed juice can be high in sugar; However, juice contains all natural sugars that are unrefined. As a nutritionist I believe in the quality of foods you are eating rather than the quantity.

Is juicing a fad? 

Like many other fad diets, in the mainstream health industry, people may use juicing as a short term weight loss method. At The Juice House, we highly promote the implementation of juicing, daily, to supply vital nutrients, on top of a healthy well-balanced diet, that works for you!