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I don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, what is a good alternative?
If you juice your fruits and vegetables, you are guaranteed to get your daily servings in. 

Can I get my fruits and vegetables in in one serving of juice?
Juicing helps to rapidly absorb large doses of nutrients in small quantities without the hassle of eating a lot of food.  Imagine eating three platefuls of fruits or vegetables in one sitting, that would be very filling!

What are some of the benefits of juicing?
Juicing is a good way to restore depleted nutrients, giving the consumer energy.  It gives the Digestive System a break and allows toxins to be released; it also allows for inflammation to subside.  Juicing helps to naturally rehydrate the body.  It helps to keep the body’s PH levels balanced. 

Is it high in sugar?
It can be, but if consumed with a well-balanced diet juicing can be beneficial and very nutritious. Fresh
pressed juice contains all natural sugars.

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