Leukemia benefit 

​ Having a father and good friend who both passed from Leukemia, The Juice House wanted to reach out and help someone fighting the same battle. For the 1st annual Leukemia benefit, for the Louis Segreto 26 Foundation, we raised $7,000 dollars for our little friend Anna! Donations are still rolling in! We had massive support from all of the local businesses – who helped to make all of this possible! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2nd fundraiser!

​Equinox Luncheon

The 1st Equinox of New Jersey asked The Juice House to supply a healthy and nutritious lunch for all of their trainers and managing staff. A majority of the equinox team heavily competes in triathlons, marathons and body building competitions! It was great to know they trusted the owner’s education and background to supply their highly trained and qualified team!

Hosted by The Juice House

The Juice House

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Orange Theory Fitness 

​ The Juice House has set up multiple tables for events at Orange Theory. The last event was for the editor of Good House Keeping who used to be the editor of In Shape Magazine. It is great to work hand in hand with health and fitness and to come together with great friends right down the street! The owner of The Juice House even worked out for the session and had great post recovery shakes and snacks for all who participated. 


Caren’s Birthday party 

​ A local customer shot a crazy idea to throw a birthday party, late night, at the juice house. She recently got into juicing and fell in love with it! Instead of going out to the bar and drinking she wanted to be healthy and drink juice with friends and family and teach them the ropes of juicing. The party turned out beautifully, everyone got juice, and had a fantastic time. Caren insisted on donating to towards the Leukemia benefit, rather than receive gifts. What a great event and person!

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