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Some personal info about myself

I LOVE animals and hope to have a farm some day. I love doing what I can for the community. I am a vegan. I have two doodles Ken and Ben. My boyfriend helps me run my store. I have 3 sisters. I have a charity that provides financial support to individuals who have to quit their jobs and help take care of a sick family member. 

The Juice House

 Fresh Pressed Juice, Smoothies, Bowls, Healthy Eats

The Juice House

       My name is Arielle and I am the owner of The Juice House. 

 After graduating college with a degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Nutrition I began personal training in the city. I met everyone under the sun and got some really cool advice from both Oprah and Steven Tyler's trainers; to essentially shoot for the stars and go for my dream job training at Equinox. In the mean time, as portrayed in today's culture, I thought I had to be the spitting image of perfection, in order to be a personal trainer. I tortured myself for months, working out endlessly and eating what some would think is the equivalent to bird food. This opened up my world to nutrition research and the kitchen, where I learned of my passion for anything and everything healthy. When I say healthy, I mean well-balanced, nutritious, and tasty. I personally believe that it is quality vs. quantity, when it comes to food. I have spent endless days and nights researching the best juice, smoothie, and treat options, and i still do!! I always thought that Exercise Physiology was my number one passion, but Nutrition has taken over my life!  

"I always thought being healthy meant "looking perfect" and "eating perfect," but I now know it means being happy and comfortable just the way you are"!

Growing up, my mother was very overweight, which at times could be paralyzing in many aspects of life. I always played sports throughout my life, even up throughout college, to remain active and "healthy", but never truly understood the true gravity nutrition has on one's body. It was always about exercise. High school was right around the time I truly got into how the body moved in correlation to how the body breaks down foods. Since then, my mother has lost 150 pounds, and this inspired me to further my education in the field. I grew up not only visualizing the health risks, but the mental and physical toll, food can have on individuals. 

Nutrition research being my favorite past time, I decided to apply for grad school. This was in the beginning opening stages of The Juice House. Since then I have graduated with my degree in Clinical Nutrition, furthering my understanding and depth of nutrition and how it works in conjunction with the body. 

A few months after working in the city, I got my dream job as an Equinox trainer and did pretty well! A year in I had a crazy idea to open an establishment that everyone could relate to and comfortably visit, knowing they would have options.

I see endless possibilities in the juicing world. The possibility to educate, teach, implement and enrich healthier alternatives, no matter what your dietary choices are. I further my education every single day to help and educate anyone I possibly can. On top of my degrees I have earned my certifications in Nutrition, Personal Training, and as a Performance Exercise Specialist.

With the amount of love I have for a nutrition and guiding those who feel lost - I took the crazy idea to open a store that offers healthy options for any type of person! I know how hard a healthy lifestyle can be, so here you have an easy solution, 

The Juice House: Fresh Pressed Juice, Smoothies, Bowls, Healthy Eats. ​​