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The Juice House

  The Juice House

My name is Arielle Cassidy and I am the official CEO of The Juice House. Besides my puppies, I live for any type of research pertaining to health and fitness! As cliche as it sounds, I have been active and played sports my entire life including collegiate volleyball as a libero and defensive specialist. What got me into a healthy lifestyle, was my 300 pound mother. It seems harsh, I know, but she has recently lost 150 pounds and I couldn't be anymore proud. She has been my motivation to help others who feel lost. 

Continuing my ongoing journey, I graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition and I am currently in school, getting my Masters in Nutrition. I always thoroughly enjoyed working out and training others, so I got my first career as an Exercise Specialist at Trump International, in NYC. I met everyone, from Hollywood, under the sun and even got insane advice from Oprah Winfrey's and Steven Tyler's current trainers. It wasn't until a few months in that I seriously got into body building and tried a program on my own; I aspire to be a professional body builder someday and am currently training for my first competition this coming fall :)! For three months I tortured myself and ate what I thought was similar to bird food. This opened my world to the kitchen where I learned of my passion for anything and everything healthy. I have spent endless days and nights researching the best meal, treat, juice and smoothie options. I always thought that Exercise Physiology was my number one passion, but Nutrition has taken over my life!  

Becoming so passionate about healthy cooking, food and juice options, I recently got accepted as a #FITFLUENTIAL Ambassador, which took two years of hard work and dedication; showing my love for health and fitness. Research being my favorite past time, I have analyzed how juices and food work with the body, whether one is active or not! 

A few months after Trump International I got my dream job as an Equinox trainer and actually made it really far - for only being 21. Falling in love with nutrition, I see endless possibilities in the juicing world. The possibility to educate, teach, and sell my passion - HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES. I further my education every single day to help and educate anyone I possibly can, that is why I have earned my certifications in Personal Training, as a Performance Exercise Specialist and in Nutrition. 

With the amount of love I have for a healthy lifestyle - I took the crazy idea to open a store that offers healthy options for any type of person! I know how hard a healthy lifestyle can be, so here you have an easy solution, The Juice House: Fresh Pressed Juice, Cold Pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothies and Healthy Eats.

Juicing has opened up an entirely new world for me and I have worked with many different types of cases that juicing has helped! I, myself, have become Vegan and greatly benefit from juicing every single day!